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Areas of Expertise


With site development comes the challenge of finding the right professional to assist you with your project, whether it be readying a lot for building or prepping a corridor for a new road. Menzies Engineering has extensive experience in all stages of site design, and we're happy to provide our services! When you work with us, we can survey the site to generate terrain modeling and as-built locations of the existing structures and conditions, then use that data for site layout, grading, and drainage planning and design. We can also assist you with general residential and commercial permitting, or more specialized needs such as Army Corps of Engineers permitting, on-site water or wastewater systems design, or ADA requirements for pedestrian site access. Whatever your need, we're here to help you stay up to speed with the latest rules and regulations.


Menzies Engineering Group has an in-house materials laboratory equipped for compression testing of concrete, and soils testing for construction quality control and engineering purposes related to foundation and drainfield design, among others.  Scot is a WAQTC-certified testing technician for aggregates, concrete, and in-place density testing and can provide field testing for embankment compaction and concrete placement.  We can also investigate in-place soil for suitability for construction of buildings, retaining walls and site development in general. Let us help you ensure your project is developed safely and securely with our professional guidance.



We provide structural engineering services ranging from the design of building foundations to full residential and commercial building structures. Our design capabilities include concrete, steel, and timber components. We can also design additions to, or repairs of, existing buildings (ex. for insurance claims); provide condition inspections for existing buildings (ex. for advance of a property sale, or due to damage from concealed rot, wind damage, differential settlement, or fire); or design and inspect marine structures (including pier and float structures in wood, concrete and steel). Our familiarity with Alaska's climate, established building practices, and regional logistical components, aid in our design efficiency so we can help you minimize construction costs.


We have both optical and GPS field survey equipment which allows us to accurately and efficiently survey projects large and small to generate boundary, as-built, and topographic surveys for use in development planning, permitting, and engineering design. Additionally, we are well equipped to find and set property corners for existing properties, or determine setback violations or property line encroachments. We often perform surveys for use in our own engineering and permitting projects, allowing you to focus your time on the project itself instead of searching for multiple professional service providers.



We have extensive experience and training in conducting Phase I Environmental Assessments of commercial property. Principal Engineer and President Scot Menzies also completed ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) courses for Phase I and II Environmental Assessments. Scot has performed Phase I Environmental Assessments on raw, remote land; abandoned and redeveloped cannery sites; large industrial properties; and many other more routine properties. Menzies Engineering Group is also experienced in contaminated site assessments, sampling, and cleanups. Whether you're assessing land for new development, or need our help determining cleanup needs or cleaning up spills or industry-related contamination, we have the professional toolkit to assist you.


We have decades-long experience in design and inspection services for drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment and disposal, including Scot’s nearly three years of experience as an Environmental Engineer in the ADEC Ketchikan District Office. These designs occupy a heavy percentage of our workload, so we are always up-to-speed with the latest requirements for both types of systems. We design drinking water systems to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act (as well as many other State and Federal requirements); wastewater treatment systems of all sizes (from single-family residences to large camps and extensions of City systems); perform sanitary surveys of public water systems for compliance with State of Alaska regulations; and provide individual on-site residential water and wastewater system inspections for property sales. Menzies Engineering Group has over 300 designs to our name in the ADEC SEPTS (Alaska Department of Conservation Septic Tracking System) database.